2. versacejrag:

    The Sentenced @ Red Blood Club

    March 21st, 2014

    Grand Re-opening Night

    Photo Credit: Mike Brooks

  3. james-for-blood:

    When I got into high school all of my peers started partying and wearing pastel shorts. Thats what it took to be cool, thats what it took to fit in. And jesus christ I thought it was the dumbest shit, I totally gave up on fitting in with anyone. Shortly after I turned 15 I started teaching myself to play guitar in hopes of getting attention without being a high school frat boy. I met a kid my age named Aaron Barrica and he showed me what hardcore was. Him and I started several bands over the years and because of that I discovered who I was, what I believed and what kind of music made me want to get stupid with my friends. At the age of 15 I decided to live a sober and clear minded lifestyle. Since then Aaron and most of my other friends grew up, their interests changed, got into drugs, got out of punk, whatever. But mentally I’m still in the same place I was when I was 15. I’m straight edge, to those who don’t understand, it’s just a label or something that got out of hand and became something it wasn’t meant to. But to me, it is me. At the age of 18 I started shaving my head and hanging out with a skinhead crew in Dallas, they said “you aren’t straight edge anymore, you’re a skinhead” and that fucking pissed me the fuck off. Every day I was getting older and the older I was getting the less and less I gave a fuck about what anyone thought. A few years have passed and peer acceptance is still the last thing on my mind.

    Reblogging this photo because James and I watched eachother grow into the persons we are today and I couldn’t be more proud to have this kid’s back because I know he’ll always have mine. Dallas fort worth vegan fucking straight edge.

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  4. The return of…TRUTH (a band that never tours/)


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